Our mission is to make meaningful contributions towards improving & uplifting the living standards of children & persons with disabilities residing in refugee camps on a long term sustainable basis, through our empowerment program. We also respond in times of crisis by going “on the ground” to ease the suffering of those directly affected by war & persecution with the dignified distribution of emergency aid.

Our vision:

Our vision is to create a worldwide platform that provides the structure & support for a collective of people who have had a calling to make a difference to the lives of those fleeing wars and persecution. Giving a collective of compassionate people the tools to take advantage of their God given talents & skills in a way that will send loving shockwaves throughout humanity.

Our mission:

Our values:


Collective Calling puts emphasis on our 3 values, we are a value driven organisation. We believe that our values carry us forward throughout our work and are the foundations of what we do.

Collectively, we are making a difference

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